Golden Hills Industries Ltd. has been participating in production and sales of silicone rubber products since 1987 via collaboration with Japanese companies who are famous for quality and wealthy experience in the industry. Professional and experienced R&D engineers provide excellent technical supports in all areas. Furthermore, advanced facilities are equipped to ensure best quality products. Equipped with advanced production facilities of which the capacity can be flexibly optimized to meet tight production schedules. More than 1,000 product items in different categories ensure to fulfill various customers' needs.

Production capacity can be optimized with 46 Heads Hydraulic Compression Forming Machine so that maximum flexibility can be achieved to meet extreme delivery schedules. The 300,000 Graded Clean Spraying Room, Laser Etching Machine and Epoxy Potting System are installed to cater for customers' diversified production needs.

Golden Hills puts quality in paramount priority. Over the years, strict industry standards such a as ISO 9001:2008, WCA, GSV certification and European conformity like RoHS have been attained to ensure not just the highest quality but also the diversified customer demands. Our Quality Control Department has the state-of-art quality control equipment in order to have this important task fulfilled.